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FreeDavis project

This project aims to provide a user-installable, idiot-proof and reliable way of accessing data provided by the instruments made by a company called Davis. The outdoor units are pretty accurate and reliable units, but to be honest, the inability to access / dump / mine / connect to the data directly, is a limiting factor.

Desired functionality

As the name suggests, the whole thing should be an open system, based on open software. From the things that the system should be capable of:

  1. receiving the data from outdoor sensors (obviously)
  2. Logging and storing the data
  3. Display / analysis / plotting
  4. Possibly sending of data

Data receiver

Data receiver part is accomplished by a CC1101 wireless chip connected to an Arduino mini, both working on 3.3V. Dtat is being sent via serial Rx Tx pins of the arduino.

Data logger

Current working solution incorporates an additional connection of a RaspberryPi that loggs data sent by the Arduino via serial interface.

  • data extraction written in python
  • data feeder written in python (influxDB connector)
  • data logging and storing is accomplished via InfluxDB (subject to change?)
  • data serving python app based on cherrypy
  • UI based on bootstrap3
  • graphing by Dygraphs.js

Hardware used:

Arduino mini pro 3.3V RaspberryPi (any version basically) some wiring together (todo: picture of wiring in svg) Picture of CC1101

(Pins counted from left on CC1101)

    CC1101    |  Arduino mini Pro 3.3V
    1 – Vcc   |  3.3V
    2 – GND   |  GND
    3 – MISO  |  PIN11
    4 – SCLK  |  PIN13
    5 – MOSI  |  PIN12
    6 – GDO2  |  PIN03
    7 – GDO0  |  PIN02
    8 – SCN   |  PIN10

Picture of Arduino

    Arduino Mini Pro 3.3V   | RaspberryPi
    Vcc                     | 01 - 3.3V
    GND                     | 06 - GND
    3 - Tx                  | 10 - S0 Rx
    2 - Rx                  | 08 - S0 Tx

Picture of RasPi